What can Reckless Mercy bring to your venue or event?

Public/Secular Venues
Reckless Mercy welcomes every opportunity they get to play in public/secular venues.  Their lineup of original folk/rock tunes historically corrals and entertains a mixed crowd in live music venues/cafes, street performances, festivals and other special events.  The energy and catchiness of their sound coupled with the realness of their lyrics has proven to transcend barriers to capture the affections of a wide array of listeners.  

Churches/Church Events
Reckless Mercy frequents churches of many different denominations to share their original songs and stir up people of all ages to get real with themselves, real with God and real with the people around them.  Never afraid to share personal struggles and victories to validate their message, they passionately compel people to simply (yet radically) live and love like Jesus lived and loved - beyond all popular philosophies, beyond all doctrine and beyond all religion.  
Reckless Mercy is also well-equipped to lead praise and worship when requested as part of their invitation.
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